Tuesday, 3 April 2007


A story again, or is it just the beginning of a story? I am not sure. There are no raunchy details in this, just something to get your mind moving. I will now introduce one of my fantasy figures. This time it is Felicia (not Felicity), a real pre-raphaelite stunner (google for it in case you don't know what I mean!). She is my true friend and much more and she is a creation of my imagination, a wish for that perfect friend. Too much dialogue in this, perhaps? I like what is implied and not mentioned sometimes.

She had told me to wait for her at the café. I had been sitting there for an hour waiting for her, drinking my tea, being nervous. I knew she wanted to be late. There was always a reason and I couldn't really say she was late, she had never told when she was due. She had just told me to wait, so I waited.

I pulled at my black skirt that seemed too short, too daring for this place. I wore no stockings, no tights and I felt strangely naked where I sat. Two young men in the corner cast their eyes in my direction and I had to look down only to look at my striped top. It was too tight, too snugly fitting and I am sure the men noticed that I wore no bra and that I was excited. I blushed.

When, at last, she arrived she was not apologetic, she didn't even say a word about me waiting for her. I knew she wanted this of me but still I was a bit angry, a little upset. As she swept into the café, approaching my table I struggled a little with my sense of anger, thinking that she wanted this of me. I surrendered to that thought and looked at her in amazement.

She was a magnificent girl. Her red hair fell like a flaming stream from her head and her lovely, lovely features made me melt. My eyes were drawn to her lips and her shining green eyes. Felicia was not a big woman. Most people would think her rather small and even petite but there was a strength in her that filled the whole café and blew me away. She was half a head taller than me and beside me she looked like that strength had taken physical form.

'I wanted to talk to you,' she said as she sat down.

'Can I get you a cup?' I asked.

'Tea, please,' she said.

I rose to my feet and went to the counter to buy her a cup. I had to walk closer to the young men. I knew they were looking. My legs were trembling but I didn't know if it was the men or Felicia that caused it. Perhaps both. I had no strength to resist them.

I put the tea in front of Felicia and sat down. She noticed I gazed at the two young men. She smiled at me and I blushed. She wanted to talk to me and doing that in a café was ominous. I knew that.

'You wanted to talk to me,' I said after a long silence.

'Yes, that is true,' Felicia answered without showing any tendencies to continue.

I sat in silence.

'You are going to be punished,' she said after a while. I think I saw a smile on her face.

'Yes, I am not surprised,' I said although her words had struck me like an open hand in my face.

'Don't be smug,' she said but she didn't seem to be angry with me.

'I am sorry,' I said, overcome with a worried sensation I wanted, desperately to explain.

'Don't worry!' Felicia said looking me in the eyes.

I nodded.

'Those two boys keep staring at you,' she continued.

'I know,' I said, 'I wished they'd go away.'

'Why is that? You are worth looking at.'

'Felicia, please!'

'You are such a sweet girl.'

'Felicia, I am not sweet.'

'Yes, you are but now I want to punish you.'

My heart started pounding.

'Yes, Felicia, you told me,' I said, my mouth dry as paper, 'why?'

'Does it have to be a why?'

I was silent

'No, it doesn't,' I said, 'for you it doesn't. But I would want one.'

'I just thought that I wanted to punish you, that is all.'

'No, Felicia, it is not all,' I felt upset now.

'I thought you needed a punishment.'

'Do I?' I fell silent again.

'Well, yes, I think you do,' now Felicia sounded a little insecure.

'Need in the sense deserve or need in the sense I want it?' I heard my voice gaining in strength.

'I don't know what you want,' she said, sounding just a little vexed.

'So I deserve a punishment?'

'Yes, you do.'


'Because you defy me, because you disappoint me, because you talk back, like now.'

'Do I disappoint you?'



'You, you...I don't know.'

'Please, tell me!'

'Look at those men!'

'What about them?' I was confused, taken aback.

'They look at you and you enjoy that.'

'But?' I was lost for words.

'Don't you?'

'You are jealous?'

I looked at Felicia and saw anger in her eyes, I saw hurt and pain. She was, indeed jealous. But she couldn't possibly be jealous about someone looking at me. She was far more beautiful than me, she was a real stunner. I though that, perhaps, she was jealous of me wanting the attention.



'Punish me!'

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Thanks Janice,

Keep working on this idea, I'm sure there's more to come out of it. It could be a very good one.