Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Why Slavery?

I can't help trying to understand the whys about my fantasies. Perhaps I do analyse too much, think to much a do too little. I know that but, still, I can't help it. I can't help wondering about the appeal of being a slave. We all know that slavery is a really horrible thing and no one really wants to imply that there was anything good about it.

So why do we (I know it is not only me) return there in our minds? Why do we travel there, only to be stripped, bound, chained, shamed and sold? I believe there are a multitude of explanations and reasons for fantasies. Some of them are obvious and others have been discussed at length and the area is, most likely, too complex for a single blog entry so, for that reason alone, I will talk about one possible reason now.

I think it has to do with status, with social standings and such matters. Most of us are caught up in the eternal struggle for acceptance and social standings. We do what we do to gain recognition and status. In addition we do fear losing face, to do something that is frowned upon, disliked by our peers. At least some of us are very concerned with such matters and the ones who claim they aren't, are often more caught up than they dare to admit.

So being enslaved should be our darkest nightmare. What could be more humiliating than to be stripped naked, chained, paraded through the street and sold to the highest bidder (I know different fantasies deal with different situations but I think you know what I mean)? Being enslaved must be the ultimate losing of face, the definite loss of social status. The slave is the lowest of low, she is only property. She is nothing in society.

I think that is the reason why it appeals to us. When you have lost everything, you don't have to struggle any more. You are, in some sense, free. You can concern yourself with accepting your situation, accepting who you are. When you have fallen you don't have to fear falling any more.

And you are free to indulge in activities that are not acceptable in ordinary circumstances. Sexual indulgence is not for good girls. As a slave you are free to enjoy your body, your sexuality. It is required of you, you can even do it without the stigma of wanting it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Janice,

An interesting post. Personally I don't have slavery fantasies, I think they're a bit too extreme for my taste, but I can see why some might.

I agree with your assessment that good girls don't, and hence need a fantastic outlet. The loss of control of one's circumstances and loss of responsibility is the tempting part of the scenario.

Of course what we fantasise about bears no resemblance to the real thing, and we are safe in the knowledge that we can retreat back out of our heads into the real world.
I guess most of those who play will also do the same thing, knowing that the "slavery" is a construct for their own satisfaction, and that of their partner, and not for the whim of a real owner who does not care for them, but truly could sell them on without regard or second thought.