Friday, 10 August 2007

Another Spanking

I do like to think that you don't know me yet, that I am still able to surprise you a little. I have told you before that I like to take on different roles when I write and this is what I have done now. Perhaps this story seems to be less consensual and a little more brutal than my ordinary scribblings. I don't think it, really, is.

'No, don't touch me!' she cried.

I grabbed her in silence. She tried to wriggle lose but I was stronger. I took hold of her shirt.

'Don't touch me!' she screamed desperately.

I pulled at her shirt in anger, sensing the buttons give away, ripping it open, exposing her breasts. She wore no bra. I stared at her naked breasts, round and lovely. I wanted to touch them.

Tearing her shirt open meant I lost my hold on her and she moved away. I lost my grip on the shirt with one hand but retained the other. She tried to rise up and move away from me. This pulled the shirt from her shoulders but she almost made her escape. I kept hold of the shirt and scrambled to my feet. I captured her again and this time I got hold of her shirt pulling it down from both her shoulders pinning her arms to her side, further exposing her.

She wriggled lose leaving me holding her shirt. She was now topless as she fled to the door. This time I was quicker and captured her again.

'Let me go you bastard!!!' she cried but I wouldn't let her go.

I got hold of her jeans and managed to unbutton them.

'No, please, no,' she wailed with desperation in her voice.

Her legs seemed to give way under her and I fell on top of her. She tried to break free but I got hold of her and now her jeans came down from her hips, taking her knickers with them.

'You can't do this,' she screamed.

'Can't I?' I hissed as I pulled her jeans down a little but further.

She tried to crawl away but this only meant that her jeans were pulled further down. Now they have parted company with her knickers which now covered half of her bottom.

I pulled her back by my hold of her jeans and she turned around and almost got away. She fell back with her jeans around her ankles and I crawled closer and grabbed her around the waist. I put my foot on her jeans and pushed and soon they were free from her left leg. I pulled her towards me as I sat and she soon found herself in my lap.

I pulled down her knickers to her mid thighs almost ripping them to pieces.

'Let me go! You bastard, you devil.'

The only reply she got from me was my hands turning her body in my lap so that her bottom was turned up. I pinned her legs with my leg and gave her a hard sharp slap on her buttocks.

'You don't dare!' she wailed.

As a reply I planted another hard slap on her naked behind. She tried to put her hand over her buttocks as protection but I grabbed it and pulled up towards her neck pinning her down. Now I let go of a hail of hard slaps on her wobbling and very naked behind.

'You can't do that!!' she screamed. 'It hurts.'

'It is supposed to hurt,' I replied.

I had got into it now whacking away at her bared bottom. Her pale skin turning pink and almost red in places.

'No, stop it, stop it,' she screamed.

'Why? This is fun.'

'You can't do that, stop it, it hurts!!'

'That is no way to ask a favour.'

'A favour, you bastard,' she screamed almost in tears.

'Well, it could be considered a favour to stop this fun.'

'It's not fun, it hurts!'

I spanked her hard and quick now, alternating between her buttocks. I was still angry, still annoyed but the sight of her wobblig bottom amused me greatly.

'Please, please, stop it!'

'That is better, but you have to mean it.'

I continued spanking her.

'Please, please,' she screamed, 'I'll do anything.'

I stopped for a while.

'You just say that to make me stop spanking you.'

'I want you to stop spanking me.'

'I don't want to stop.'

I began in earnest, spanking her, now, red buttocks.

She screamed in anger and pain. She didn't say anything but she wriggled and cried. After a while her struggle abated. She moved about but I felt she did not struggle against me any more.

I stopped.

'Please, please,' she said, sobbing, 'please stop spanking me, I can't take anymore. I will be good.'

'Will you do as I say?'

'Yes, I will, I'll do anything you say.'

'Do you mean that?'

'Yes, I mean that, just stop spanking me.'

'I have a hard time believing you.'

'I promise, I will do as you say.'

'You just say that to make me stop spanking you.'

'Please, please, don't spank me any more!'

'You will have to prove to me that you will do as I say.'

'I will, I will, as soon as I get up I will obey you.'

'Will you?'

'Yes, I will.'


'Because, because you will spank me if I don't.'

'How true.'

'Can I rise now?'

'No. I have another question.'


'Who am I?'

'You are my boyfriend.'

'Is that all?'

'You are the master.'

'Sounds better. Who am I?'

'You are my master.'

'Mmm, sounds nice.'

'Will I still be your master when I let you go?'

'Yes, you will.'

'Regardless of what I do?'

'Yes, you are my master, as you are.'

'Ok, then.'

I started spanking her again.

'No, don't do that, you bastard!!' she screamed. 'I promised to obey you.'

'Yes, you did and now I want to spank you.'

She screamed in anger.

'Please, please,' she said when she stopped sceaming, 'please, don't spank me!'

'Stop your wailings and take you spanking!'

She was silent save for some moaning and squealing.

I continued spanking her red bottom and she wriggled and moved but she did not fight me. I spanked her for a good while and she sobbed and cried but did not protest.

When I was finished she was lying still in my lap, panting, sobbing.

'I have stopped spanking you,' I said.

'Thank you,' she replied.

I let go of her body and she scrambled to standing on all four. She turned to me and I saw her dishevelled and red face, wet with tears. She regarded me for a while and then she suddenly smiled.

'You bastard,' she said but this time her voice was soft and her eyes had a strange kind of glimmer. She turned around to lie down in my lap. She turned her lovely self to me and she smiled at me. She stretched her arms to me and took hold of my neck and pulled me close.

'Kiss me, kiss me, my master!'


Anonymous said...

That was a good story, Janice.

It was clearly non-consensual, but then it is fiction.

I liked the way she promises to obey him and then reneges immediately when he says he wants to spank her.


Janice said...

Thank you for the comment, opb. I sort of thought that it was consensual. If you look at the end. But who am I to argue? A story read is a story belonging to the reader so your take is as good as mine, really.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Janice. But consensual? In an age where, by law, "'no' means 'no'"? The problem (and it IS a problem) is that in human relations, no often means yes, and yes no. But one assumes this at one's peril ... dicey stuff, this ...
But it is a more violent story than most -- the tearing of clothes is, well, both frightening and hot... Masquer

Dove said...

I did not take this as non-consensual. It is implied that this has happened before by both the title of the story and by the way she quickly calls him 'Master'. To my mind she is aware of the consequences and is trying to wriggle out of an agreement already made.

At the end, she accepts and finally is happy again.