Wednesday, 15 August 2007

My Second Life

Second Life (SL) is fantastic place. Everyone is beautiful and has all the time in the world and you don't have to worry about cleaning and buying food and cooking other such things. It is a place to be bold and daring and try out some of the fantasies you have. And I can tell you, there is plenty of room for that.

I have my avatar in SL and we (my avatar and I) indulge in all sorts of naughty pursuits. Most women I have met are tall, tanned and have big bosoms (perhaps they are all men in Real Life (RL)). Except me, I am short, pale and not very well equipped. You can, of course, change you appearance all the time and some people thrive on that but I have come to like my avatar as she is. I am even so short that I am sometimes mistaken for a child which may cause problems regarding the kind of activities I indulge in.

I have no face to lose and no standing in SL that may suffer from me behaving badly. I considered a job as a stripper in a club but was too short for that. Besides some setbacks there is a lot of fascinating and fun things to do in SL.

I do leave my grumpy self in RL and I become far more humble and submissive as I enter SL. I have got myself a mistress, well, actually, I have two. It is a little complicated, my second mistress is my first mistress' mistress. Did you get it? My second mistress has a pet (or slave, whichever you prefer) and that pet is my first mistress. In fact my second mistress (the higher of the two) has a mistress too who also has a mistress. It is like a ladder with women who are both mistresses and pets. Except for the ends of that ladder and I am at the bottom rung, so I have no pet.

I assume that some of you who read this are into this kind of culture but for me it is quite new. Anyway, I was collared in a ceremony and was, later, given a pet name. This is very cute and I am proud of it. This is the really strange thing. I am extremely proud of my collar and my pet name and I truly enjoy belonging to those two lovely women. I know it is a game, a role play but it is still great fun and quite immersing.

Although I am not exactly as I am in RL my avatar is very much me, still. I get to see myself from outside in a way that is interesting. My mistresses take care of me and protect me and all this is very sweet and good. I know they think I am a little too vulnerable and too easy to hurt so they need to take care of me.

I may tell you more about my second life later on but this will do for now.

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