Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Where to Go?

When I started this blog I was intent on writing about my fantasies, to share them and put them in a blog because I didn't want to be alone with them any more. I wanted to talk about me and my mind, tell you about what was there. Not because I thought it was extremely interesting but because it was my mind. It was a kind of self centred pursuit. Something I did for me.

I was hoping to find that my embarrassing fantasies were no so terribly private and that I shared them with some of you out there. I think it is like that. People have contacted me and told me that this and that fantasy correspond to theirs. I do love hearing from you and that is a kind of contact I hoped for. Makes me feel less weird, less strange and twisted.

Sharing is good as an inspiration as well and I hope someone has been a little inspired by some of the things I have written.

Then some comments tell me that it is well written and I get some compliments. That makes me happy and proud. I do care about writing, how things are presented, about language and how you express things. I do want to write, I love to write.

This makes me a little confused. I start thinking too much about what you want to hear and less about what I want to tell. I hope you don't think me arrogant for saying this. The thing is that I do care what you think but I don't want to lose that sense of writing from my own head. I do care that some stories get no comments and I think that you don't want to hear how it ends, like the Slave Story and to some extent the Story of Miranda (I did get a lot of comments on that one, so maybe it is unfair to mention it here). This is not my intention. I want to tell stories because I want to tell them. I start to care too much about if they are well written and such instead of the content of the story.

I don't know, really, what this post is about, maybe I want to tell you that I don't know where this blogging will take me. Will I start thinking of it as a story blog, for my texts about fantasy themes or shall I stick to the idea that it is about the landscape of the mind, what dwells inside my head and what makes me sad and excited, in the hope that what roams there is of interest to you as well?


Anonymous said...

Nice juxtoposition, Janice, a story about fleeing & being carrid off by a demon followed by a screed entitled "Where to Go?"

It isn't clear if you are taling a poll, but here's my vote: continue what you already do so well, namely keeping us readers guessing whether your next entry will be a rant, a roman orgy, a discussion of armless Venus, a collaboration, or a silly spanko tale.

Wystan E

Dove said...

Hi Janice
I agree with Wystan and enjoy coming here as I don't know what will be posted next.

You do write beautifully and I can see the scenes you set clearly when I'm reading them. I feel the emotion of the characters and these are the sorts of things that draw me into a story. However, you don't have to let that dictate what you should and shouldn't write. And remember the old adage, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

I can understand the need to write things down to get them out of your head and I do the same just not as well :). I find getting my thoughts out helps me to not only understand them better but it stops me from having them circle in my head until I feel like screaming.

All the best

Dave said...

I would blog for you, i mean the things that intrigue and compel you--and the readers will come.

Just keep on writing and enjoy :-)


Simon Kade said...

I think "where to go" is whatever path we need to travel here to mask our desire live out our fantasies fingers to flesh as opposed to fingers to keypads.

Don't get me wrong. Lots of sane and sound reasons hold us back. Maybe it's a ring, or the fear of the reality of not fully being in control of a true encounter.

There is nothing wrong with fantasy. But undeniably fantasy is a blockade for the truth. Maybe that's why I fizzled out for a bit. I find it more comforting to deal with the realities of my truths than my fantasies. For the moment anyways.

That is not any judgment on my part. Except for my own world I guess.

Janice said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I think I will continue to write about what interests me and post stories and rants when they come into my head. I may even continue with the stories I think you don't like (smiles wickedly).

Thank you, again, for reading and commenting. I think I do write for my own sake but it means a lot to know that it means something for someone else too.

Anonymous said...

Blog from your depths, from your most secret fantasies. Don't ever let a comment discourage you. The blog must be to please you first. Accept encouragement, but ignore any comments from people who wanted you to write THEIR fantasies.

I love what you write.

Janice said...

Dear Anonymous, thank for your compliments. It really means a lot to hear this kind of thing.