Monday, 19 November 2007

A Century

This is my century entry in my blog. My first entry was on 24 November, 2006, so I have achieved this within less than a year. Not that it means anything but I am, still, quite proud.

I began this blog in order to allow myself a space to talk about my fantasies. I felt that I needed and wanted a place for that. I decided to stay fairly hidden, thinking that it made it easier for me to talk freely. I think that has worked out well. I have been very honest with you and talked about my fantasies, shared my stories and tried to be honest about what motivates me.

It has been great. You have been great, dear Readers. The blog has turned, more and more, into a stories blog but that is not so bad. Stories and fantasies are all the same in the end. You have been very supportive and told me a lot of nice things. It boosts my confidence and now I think I have some talent for writing. Don't get me wrong! I am not as arrogant and big headed that I think I can't improve. I know there is a lot to learn, lots.

I have been honest and written the stories I wanted to read, the stories that interest me and excite me. I suppose not everyone who passes by enjoys my stories but they have been kind enough to just leave and not comment. I do like some of the things I have put here in my blog. I think I have managed to capture something of what I wanted to express. That is, really, what matters to me.

It has been a journey and I am not done yet. I am not there yet and perhaps I will never be done. I will keep on blogging and we will see for how long. I still enjoy it and I still enjoy hearing from you. Thanks, dear Reader, for reading. It means the world to me. I am very happy to have you out there, reading what I am writing, listening to my stories and rants. Thank you!!

By the way, for those who wonder what the literary reference was in my story The Rug. I can tell you that it was from Heart of Darkness by the spiffing author Joseph Conrad. In that book, the main character, the narrator, travels up a river (although the book never discloses what river it is, everyone assumes it is the Congo) to bring a man, the almost mythical Kurtz, back to civilisation. He gets him on the boat but while returning Kurtz dies and his last words are: The horror! The horror! It was a very flippant reference since there were no other connection but the words.

So let me just thank you, once again, dear Readers for reading.


Paul said...

Janice, don't put yourself down, you are good, at least I think so. I relish the touch of darkness in your soul.
Congratulations on your 100th post, may you post many more.
I remember having to read Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness as a set book. As I recall it was a difficult book to summarise, an essay was required, I picked up several lines of thought that seemed in conflict with each other. It seemed much more then the simple adventure story that most of the rest of the class saw. The teacher was very pleased with my efforts.
I love your description of Conrad as a "Spiffing" author, such a very 20's expression and one that might have made Conrad chuckle.
Sorry for such an essay. *G*
Warm hugs,

Dove said...

Dear Janice, thank you for blogging and writing the wonderful and yes strange fantasies and stories from your imagination.

Congratulations on your 100th post and I am glad to see there are no plans for retirement as this is one of my favourite blogs to visit. A bit like a home away from home.

I enjoy your stories immensely as the style and quality of your writing appeals to me very much or as I put it, speaks to me. You have such wonderful variety as well, which means we never know what delicious path we will be taken on next.

As an aside, 'The Horror. The Horror' was also used in Apocalypse Now but there are more comparisons than just that between the two it would seem.

Well done *clinks champagne glasses* and here's to many more.


Janice said...

Dear Paul, thank you for your kind words and I thought I was being bold and self promoting...smiles. Heart of Darkness is a great book. On some level it is a simple adventure story and quite funny at times but you are right, there is more to it. I am less inclined to think that there is so much hidden meaning in it as it is alleged (I think). Conrad is quite clear about the symbolism and tells the reader quite clearly how the river is to be seen and what the darkness means. It is good that someone appreciate my preference for old fashion slang...Capital, capital!!

Dear Dove, 'A bit like home away from home.' You have no idea how that makes me feel...a big silly smile and a tear in my eye may give you an idea. Apocalypse now is a great film and a horrible film. Not a surprise that they use those words...smiles.

Cometospk said...
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Cometospk said...

Hi Janice!
A century is a great number. I feel bad sometimes cause I´ve been a lurker here. I hope you can forgive me ;).I´ve read a lot of your stories, and only a few times I´ve left you comments.
I think it´s very important for writers to feel loved, and perhaps comments are the best way to show them how we love their work.
I like very much your site!
Kisses from Spain
PS: Since spanking came in my life, my English skills are improving, and allow me to write to you.
Excuse me if there are many mistakes ;)

Janice said...

Dear Cometospk, don't worry about lurking or not! I love comments but I rather have you read and feel welcome than feeling guilty for not writing anything.

Your English is very good and thank you ever so much for reading. And thank you for your kind words. It means a lot.

Manorlord said...

Kicking myself over missing "The Horror..."

A Century of Kink...
Pop the corks!!!