Monday, 24 November 2008

Two Years

Two years ago today, Janice started to blog. Imagine that! Two years! It seems like a long time, but not long at all. If you want you can go back and read my first ever blog post. I think I have been true to my mission statement. I write what I want and I write about fantasies.

Blogging means a lot to me. First and foremost it shows me that I am far from as weird and strange as I have imagined. It is a lot about that, to be honest. What I didn't expect was the response I got and still get. My blog is far from the most popular out there but it has allowed me to communicate with a lot of nice and interesting people and I know there are a group of you who keep coming back.

Blogging has boosted my confidence too. Your encouraging comments means the world to me. I reread my stories and of course I blush when I see some of it but sometimes I am really proud because I like what I see. Sometimes I live up to my ideal of writing what I want to read.

It is not perfect, I am sloppy and my stories would benefit from some more editing but that has also been part of if for me, that I shouldn't just blog stories I think are perfect but instead look at them and think they are alright and put them on the blog as they are. Had I not done that, I would still be editing the first ever blog post, believe me, I am hopeless when it comes to that. So having a blog that is not error free is an achievement in itself for me.

Two years is a long time and I feel I have achieved something. And this is thanks to you, Dear Readers, a great big hug and smile to you.

And don't forget to read the latest story now, the one before this post!


Paul said...

Janice, congratulations on your second anniversary.
I'm glad the you decided to start a blog, and even happier that you continue.
You have given me a great deal of pleasure and gently made me think about what I read.
While you continue to write I will continue to read.
Thank you so much dear girl.
Warm hugs,

Mina said...

Dear Janice, congratulations on your two year anniversary. Over a year ago somehow I found myself at your blog. I enjoyed what I found here and I soon we began our cyber friendship. I am ever grateful for that and so pleased that you have continued writing ad sharing your fantasies with us.

Well done, my dear friend, you deserve every accolade you receive.

Hugs and love

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I am happy to have you as my reader and even more happy that you find something of interest here.

Dear Mina, I am so happy to you found yourself here, believe me, I am.



Manorlord said...

Two whole years...

Pop the corks, celebrate~!

Janice, your blog is special to me because it was the first site, and remains one of a mere handful, that combines a compelling, introspective, courageous submissive journey with writing that is creative, varied and evocative.

Finding your blog, about a year and a half ago (!) was liberating. It led to... well, the creation(s) of Wystan, among other things.

So again, felicitations Keep up the good work.

Wystan E