Friday, 24 November 2006

My blog

A new blog, one among thousands and thousands of other blogs. Still it is my blog and it is my chance to express myself. I like that. I will try to write about one thing I care, very much, about and that is fantasies. This blog is about the strange things that happen in your head, or rather in my head, since it is my blog. If you read and want to comment, please do!


manorlord said...

Birth of a Blog. Or is that "Birch of a Blog?" (Or Bitch). A shy beginning this was, to be sure. Query the word "Strange." One among the dozens/hundreds of spanking blogs, is it really strange? Dr. Strange? A Stranger in Paradise? Or, Stranger than Paradise? Don't be a stranger....

Idho said...

The first post is often the most interesting one. Often clumsy, often too short and too simple but it allready contains all hopes.

I send you a lovely kiss Janice from the year 2006.