Monday, 27 November 2006

Spanking and being spanked

One good thing about fantasies is that you can be whoever you want. If I want to be a man spanking a girl I can be that and if I want to be the girl being spanked I can choose that too. I can be an alien or an aeroplane as well but changing sex is quite exciting in itself.

I have to admit that spanking is interesting from both perspectives. It is something compelling about the thought of spanking a woman, having her in my lap, letting go of a hail of blows directed at her bared bottom.

I don't know for how long I spanked her but I kept on for a while and she struggled and squirmed in my grip as the spoon hit her naked skin. I felt happy and excited and enjoyed this. I didn't know spanking a girl was this fun. I stopped thinking about being merciful. I just wanted to see and hear the spoon hit her sensitive skin and sense her agony. She was there for me and I enjoyed spanking her and I was only concerned with the joy of it. Her agony was a part of it but there was no sense of wanting to harm her. There was no hate or anger only joy and elation. Her agony was my desire but I did it for my lust and the sense of happiness at the sound and sight of it.

I realised that she had stopped struggling and just lay there in my lap being spanked. Her body twisted as the spoon hit her buttocks but she seemed to accept the pain and went with it rather than tried to avoid it. I kept on for a while longer not wanting to stop but after some time I felt tired and sensed that It was, actually, enough.

At the same being spanked, being submitted to the cruelty of being spanked is quite exciting as well, maybe even more so. The thought of surrendering to the punishment, handing over the power over your person to someone who uses that power to make you suffer is something terrible - terrible but good.

Lift your hips!’ I knew what this was for and this was even more degrading. I did as I was told and felt his fingers tug at my knickers. Carefully he slipped them down to my knees and suddenly I was almost naked. I had met him once before and now I was lying half naked in his lap. He was, of course, fully dressed and I felt the fabric of his trousers against my naked skin. This made me feel even more vulnerable than before. I was only a half stripped girl in the lap of a man about to punish me and the imbalance between our states of dress made me feel even more humiliated. Strangely enough, I found this sense of humiliation quite appropriate. I was to be punished and the humiliation was part of my punishment.

He didn’t say anything when he reached for the brush that was lying on a small table beside him. I felt a shiver through my body and felt betrayed by it. I didn’t want to show how embarrassed I was.

This is a rant and to be honest I am not sure what I am trying to say, maybe just that I find both the idea of giving someone a spanking as well as receiving one quite exciting.


Anonymous said...

Hello Janice.

Sorry I couldn't reply to your lovely note to me on 360, I hope you get this. I am so pleased you are enjoying my stories, especially "The Story of K" (which yes, naughtily borrows its title from The Story of O, as well as being a story about a story) which I didn't expect girls to like.

Did you write the parts in this text that are in italics. They're really clever, well done! Please post some more to share, and PLEASE open your "send me a message" box on 360 so I can reply more directly.


Kirsten. (Curtseygirl)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,
Another exciting piece.You certainly know all the emotions that are involved in spanking.

What kind of spoon did you imagine being used? I've had more wooden spoons broken over my rump than any other CP instrument. They invariably break where the handle meets the bowl.



Janice said...

Dear Chas, welcome to my blog. I think I was imagining a wooden spoon. The problem with them, I gather, is that they are not flat, but I imagine they can be felt anyhow...smiles.