Friday, 24 November 2006

Wild Imaginative Sex

This blog is about fantasies and imagination. I have always admired people who make some of their fantasies real. I, on the other hand, have always been a person who prefer not to. I have always felt inferior towards people who realise their fantasies. I have come to change my mind about this of lately. I think it is good thing if you are able to realise your fantasies but in my case I don't think it would be possible, they are sometimes too wild and too strange for that. You can't try to be a zeppelin pilot in a parallel universe and at the same time be a slave to a ruthless barbarian ruler in some wild ancient era.

My imagination is full of wild and really strange things, some closer to our reality and some quite far removed from it. I am not pretending to be unusual in that sense. Far from it. I think there are millions and millions of people who are like that, who have their heads full of strange worlds and strange events and who live perfectly ordinary lives. My life is very ordinary and boring and I am, on the whole, quite happy with that. It would be a lie to say that everything is perfect but I am not sure I would want that.

In this blog I will not talk about myself as a real person but more about my imagination. I am quite aware that there are a plethora of blogs out there so the probability that someone will read this is quite small. This means that this blog will mostly contain my thoughts but if someone would be triggered by something I write, then feel free to comment and maybe even participate!

Now to the headline: Wild Imaginative Sex. This is something that springs to mind when it comes to fantasies. I am a quite shy person when it comes to sex and. Still my head is full of wild and strange things that happen in my imagination. I am not sure I would want to make them real. I think, actually, I will prefer that they stay as fantasies. This may seem like a very held back and cowardly way of handling my desires and maybe it is but for the moment I think I will be quite happy writing about it. If you would care to read my blog then you will find that my strange imagination deals a lot with sex or things that have to do with sex.

I will try to write as freely as I can and that means writing about some odd things and things that may offend someone. I have no intention of offending anyone. Everything is in the mind and I am not condoning it just because I write it. Fantasies are sometimes violent, degrading and horrible and I think that is the way it should be. I do not mean that bad things in fantasies are necessary only that if they are there they have a right to be there and that you turn them into something good by having them there. It is better to kill someone in your imagination than doing it in real life. Fantasies about rape and abuse does not mean you want things to be like that.


Anonymous said...

Now that I have read through all your posts -- and despite their variations in style, tone and theme -- very few of them deal at all with what one might call sex. Not really. There are sexual trappings -- nudity, sometimes a hint of, say insertion of a finger, or lips kissing a male "member," but no one making love, much less having wild imaginative sex. This seems a promise made, not yet fulfilled. A gap to be fulfilled? (No pun intended, of course).

Janice said...

Yes, you are right...but in my defence I can say that many fantasies concern sexual feelings but not necessary explicit sexual descriptions. But I agree that I don't tell that here. It seems as there would be far more descriptions than there are. That was unclear and I apologise.