Monday, 27 November 2006

The Slave Market

I have this fantasy about an oasis in a dry desert. It is a tiny oasis with some trees and a well and a small pond with clear, cool water. In the shade of the trees sits a group of men dressed in their white burnouses. Behind them are their camels. They are drinking tea and relaxing, taking their time to enjoy the shadow and refuge of the green oasis. Behind them, by the pond stands a girl on a rock. She has black hair, olive skin and is very slim and slender. She stands on a rock stretching her body in the sun, drying up after having washed herself in the pond. She is arching her body, holding her hands in her hair and she is looking very relaxed and at ease. The girl is completely naked. She is wearing nothing and her nudity stands out against the heavy burnouses of the sitting men. She wears a iron band, like a collar around her neck with a heavy iron ring hanging from it. She is a captive, she is the captive of the men and they are taking her somewhere through the desert. She enjoys the coolness of the oasis but she is naked. Soon they will travel on and the girl will be brought to a market there to be sold to the highest bidder. She is their property but she seems not to mind. That is strange.

I am fully aware that my, vaguely Eastern setting is nothing like the real thing besides that it borrows some details from it. It is fantasy land and very different and if I would talk about men in this land being rough it has more to do with me wanting to have rough men in fantasy land than me believing something about the East.

I have this fantasy about being taken to a market in a desert town one early morning. I am walking beside a man in a blue burnous riding on a donkey. I am clad in a kind of cloak, fastened around my neck.

It is still early morning as we arrive at the square where the market is being held. The square is lined by heavy poles stuck in the ground. Each pole has a heavy chain hanging from an iron ring at the top. These poles are for displaying slaves and we stop at one of those poles. The square is still deserted save from one or two people arriving and setting up business.

It is early morning and the day promises to be a hot day, but the air is still quite chilly. Still I have to take off my cloak and kneel by one of the poles. Underneath the cloak I am naked and I shiver in the cool air. The man who brought me is not bothered with that and takes the cloak and sits down by my side, waiting for customers.

The square starts to fill up and other girls arrive and are positioned by the poles. Some are chained to their poles and others kneel like me. They are all in different states of undress but no one is completely naked like me.

Then the sun climbs higher and customers are beginning to crowd the square. Whenever someone looks at me my master snaps his fingers and I have to kneel and arch my back and present myself. If a customer shows interest in me, my master orders me to stand. I know how to do that and I put my hands behind my neck, my feet slightly apart and arch my back.

I have to stand like that, presenting my body for the prospective customers and they are allowed to look at me and bargain about my price. I know myself to be naked as I sense the coarse fabric of their clothes brush against my skin. Some of the visitors are allowed to examine me. I have to present myself well, as I feel their hands on my body, touching me, fondling my breasts.

One of those men will buy me but before that I have to endure their hands upon my body and I am left trembling as some of them even enter their fingers into my sex and force me to react to their touch. They laugh as they finger me and I have to stand and endure. They arouse me and then their fingers are gone and I stand their with an ache in my sex, violated and touched and they joke about my reactions, my body and how good a slave I will make.

I stand there and I know that someone will buy me and I will be his property and I will have to serve him with my body. My master will get paid and I, who provide the goods, is given nothing. I am naked and they are clothed, I show everything and they show nothing. That is my lot as a slave.

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Anonymous said...

be a good slave and let your master use you well