Friday, 19 January 2007

Being Shy

It may seem a little strange claiming to be shy when you have a blog about secret fantasies. I don't think it is. I believe that shyness lies behind a lot of expressive and extrovert behaviour. And having a blog like this is not that public, after all. Well, it is, in one way, but I am hiding somewhere, not telling you about myself. It is, a little, like stripping naked in public but keeping a thick veil over my face. And I decide from what viewpoints you are allowed to see me even if I am naked.

Lately I have come to realise that being shy is one important driving force behind my fantasies. I am not sure this goes for anyone else but for me it is. If I continue writing my blog you will find it is very much about being exposed in front of others and not having to be responsible for what happens. If you are shy this is the ultimate fear and the ultimate desire; to be forced to show yourself as the one you are but not having to be responsible yourself.

My fantasies are concerned a lot about being aroused but little about wild sex, a lot of anticipation and things leading up to sex but not much of raunchy details. This may seem boring to many but it is important to me.


peterrabbit99 said...

Fantasies are always more interesting and descriptive than real life. We may never experience things in real life, but nobody can stop our fantasies. At times when one is alone it is all one has and it keeps one going. Your descibe a person that is desirable and beautiful and by your blog this is how people will visualise you. Young tender and desirable.
peter Rabbit

Janice said...

Dear Peter Rabbit,

It is very true that fantasies helps you live your life at times. Thank you for your kind words. Aren't we all desirable in our fantasies?


Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog!
I totally understand what you are talking about!
I can be a very shy person and I think to escape it I fantasise and day dream ALL the time. I think its my way of showing the things I want to do but Im too shy to do them.

Janice said...

Dear Anonymous,

Welcome to my blog! I think you may be right but I am not sure our fantasies show us our true desires in any straightforward way. At least I hope they don't...chuckles.