Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Spankable Offence!!

At least one reader out there thought that my typing errors were spankable offences. This was sent by Sideriteguy and it is with his permission I publish it here. I find this fantasy quite exquisite and lovely. And, furthermore, I hope this will show any reader that I am willing to share my space here with others and their fantasies. Read and enjoy!

Yes, your mistakes do require a spanking. Since the mistakes were public the spanking should also be public. Here is the outline of the spanking; your strange imagination will have to fill in the details.

The spanking will take place in private room of a 5-star hotel. The guests will be the people who found your mistakes and they will arrive dressed in formal attire. Drinks, Hors d'oeuvres and dinner will be served.

For the evening you will be dressed in a tight fitting black dress of moderate length. As the guests arrive you will greet them, give them a raffle ticket, and offer them a drink,

At the appointed time the punishment will begin. A raffle number will be drawn and the lucky guest holding the number will come forward to the sturdy chair that is displayed prominently to the side of the dining table. Upon his or her arrival you are asked to come forward and you are told how the punishment will proceed.

As this is a first offence the spankings will not be harsh. They will be OTK and with a hand. There will be a series of four spankings, one for each error, and they will proceed over the course of the evening. The first spanking will be over your black dress and the following spanking will occur after one article of your clothing has been removed.

You are gently led over the spanker’s knee and the spanking commences. The number of spanks given is equal to the last two digits of the number on the raffle ticket. After the spanking, the guests take their seats for soup and salad while you are led to a corner for corner time.

After eating the soup and salad are dispensed with a second raffle ticket number is called. The ticket hold comes to the chair and you are escorted there too. This raffle winner has the honor of removing your sexy black dress and does so slowly and with care leaving you facing the guests in your bra, and knickers.

Next a third raffle number is called. The spanker comes forward and takes you over his lap and administers the number of spanks to your knicker clad bottom that corresponds to the number on his ticket. When he is finished you thank him and are escorted back to your corner. The guests are seated for their entrées.

After the entrées are finished a number is called and the ticket holder goes to your corner and walks you to the chair and the center of attention. This time your bra is gently removed and you stand facing the crowd with you nipples bare. To your embarrassment you face the guests clad only in your knickers with your nipples hardening.

Your next spanker springs forward when her number is called and you are guided over her lap. She then proceeds to administer her shapely hand over your knicker clad bottom. Again, the number of spanks is commensurate to the number on her ticket. After the spanking you are lifted from her lap and your knickers are moved to reveal your reddened ass.

The guests are then asked to take their seats as you return to the corner. The guests are served coffee, tea and desserts, while you are realizing that you will be bared naked during the completion of the next act of this drama.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the next number is called and the winner goes to the chair. You are invited to join him. You hesitate for a moment, and then you realize that your fate is sealed and you slowly walk to the spanking chair. The winner is waiting you and you face the crowd. Again you are embarrassed by the hardness of your nipples and fear the revelation that your crotch is moist. Slowly, the winner places his hands on the bands of your knickers, moves them away from your body and gently slides them past your well warmed bottom and your moist nether regions. You face the guest completely naked with your hands at your side while the last number is called.

He slowly comes forward settles into the chair. You shake as you climb onto his lap and the final set of spankings begins. The spankings seem to last forever but eventually the spanking subsides and you realize that the punishment is over and you attempt to get off the spanker’s lap.

You are restrained in that position while the guests are invited to come and rub their hands over your glowing red bottom to ease your discomfort. After all the guests have paid homage to you well worn ass you are finally released from the OTK position and asked to join the party.

You join the party, but you must remain nude. The party is over and the last guest is assured that you will not be making anymore spelling or grammar mistakes in your future posts. Or else the punishment will be more severe.

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