Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A Lovely Summer's Day

I have decided to post a whole story on my blog. I enjoy writing stories and I don't pretend to be very good at it but it is nice to see that I am improving (at least that is what I think). A story is something different from a fantasy. A story may be based in a fantasy but it is not the same. A story has a life of its own and something changes when you move a fantasy to a story. You may choose different angles and perspective and if I continue posting stories you will find that I have been many a person in my stories. This story is a romantic tale of a young woman who discovers that the man of her dreams has something special on his mind. It is inspired by the picture above by the very talented artist Waldo. Part of this story was included in my post About Spanking.

It was a lovely summer day. The sun was shining down on a smiling world and the trees were green, the grass was green and the river was green. The wind was almost still and the day was a perfect day for a picnic of some sort.

Spring semester had ended and we had time to spend doing whatever we wanted. Many went home but a few of us stayed on in the sleepy town. I was still new to the university but I loved the life there. I had made new friends and this day we had decided to have a picnic.

Everything was perfect as our small party set out on our journey. We had planned on taking the train to a small village south of town. There was a ruined castle and a big park that seemed to be perfect for us.

We were only four of us, my best friend K., her boyfriend J. and a tall, silent but very confident young man that I happened to fancy. The set up was more than I could wish for.

I am quite sure that the young man, H., was unaware of my feelings for him. I was not a person to show such things openly. I only managed to blush and talk incoherently in his presence. Anyway, I saw this excursion as an opportunity to remedy this.

We were in quite a jolly mood as we walked from the train to the lush, green park with our picnic basket between us. The truth is that the others were chatting and laughing and I did nothing apart from some laughing from time to time. My mouth seemed to be glued together.

I loved every moment in the company of H. but at the same time my heart was beating with fear that he wouldn't notice, that he wouldn't see me as the one I wanted to be for him.

We sat down and had our lunch and in the lazy summer afternoon we decided to take a walk. K. and her boyfriend said they wanted to take a stroll in the park. H. said he wanted to take a closer look at the ruins. I don't know why he said that, maybe he was just polite and wanted to give K. and J. time for themselves. Anyway, this was my moment. I boldly declared that I would love to see the ruins and off we went.

My ability to talk was even more hampered by being on my own with the gorgeously handsome H. He didn't seem to mind and was quite happy doing the talking. He told how fascinated he was by castles and knights and that it had been like that since his childhood. I tried to add the odd comment from time to time but I was, in truth, quite happy listening to him and just being with him.

We climbed the hill to the castle and found ourselves, soon, walking among the ancient walls of the old buildings. Although happy in his presence I suffered from my indecision and not being able to express my true feelings for him. I dreaded the moment I would reveal to him how I felt and he would tell me he liked me as a friend but that he did not fancy me. I was quite sure that it would be like that but I could not deny my feelings.

We came to a place were we could overlook the park and the river and we stopped walking for a while. We admired the view in silence and I realised that this had to be the moment to tell him about my feelings.

I stood there looking out over the river gathering courage to talk to the very attractive man that was standing by my side. My heart was beating fast and I was scared beyond belief.

At last I turned to him determined to say something. I didn't know what I was going to say but I had to say something. The moment would be gone soon and there might be no more opportunities.

As I turned he turned as well and for a brief moment we were staring into each other's eyes. I couldn't speak and he didn't speak. We just stared. It felt like hours but I am sure it lasted only a second or two.

Then he spoke.

'There is something I have been meaning to do for a long time.'

It is easy to imagine how my heart stopped beating at that.

'What...,' was my only reply.

Then something strange happened. I don't know what I expected him to do. I had hoped he would kiss me or take me in his arms, of course, but the thing he did was not something I would have thought of.

He grabbed me around my waist, I remember that. I realised how strong he was as I found myself turned and dragged in the strangest manner possible. He handled me as if I was a small child and I was too surprised to realise what was happening.

Suddenly I found myself lying in his lap. He was sitting on a low wall, the very wall we had been looking over to see the river and the park. I was lying face down in his lap and my first thoughts were thoughts of surprise. I, truly, didn't understand.

I was still confused as he flipped up my skirt and my mind was in such turmoil that I didn't realise what he was doing. I remember a sensation of embarrassment at the intimate and arrogant act of flipping up my skirt.

The confused sensation of embarrassment and maybe even humiliation was added to as I felt how he took hold of my knickers and with one bold movement pulled them down to my knees. I felt him move and later I realised that he was pulling off a small switch from a small bush like tree close by.

He was still for a brief moment. I said nothing, did nothing. I waited. Then he started spanking me. I heard the switch travel through the air and then I felt its sting on my, now, naked behind. I was shocked and overwhelmed and I think my heart had stopped beating.

I remember how he relentlessly let the switch land on my poor exposed buttocks and how my sense of shock changed to a sensation of pain. I didn't scream, I was too overwhelmed, but I think I moved and maybe I squirmed a bit.

I was embarrassed, humiliated, scared and overwhelmed by his treatment. I remember being upset by the meanness of him choosing to switch the most exposed and vulnerable part of my body like that.

There was a strange sensation within me that I could not understand at first. I was strangely satisfied with the fact that he wanted to do something with me. I wanted to be close to him but this was not how I had imagined it to be. The fact that I was partly undressed made me feel upset and strangely excited. To be completely honest there was bit of arousal as well but that I could not admit.

Then he was done spanking me. He helped me to my feet and I was anxious to adjust my clothes. I stared in disbelief at him. He stared at me. His eyes were wild and his confidence seemed to be shattered by some strange passion within him.

'What...?' was the only thing I could say.

His reply was unexpected. He took my head in his hands and kissed me. It was a powerful and demanding kiss and this overwhelmed me as much as the spanking had done.

My knees were weak as he released me.

'I have been wanting to do that for a long time.'

'What, kissing me or spanking me?' I asked with some new found boldness.

'Both,' he answered.

'But why?'

'I don't know,' he said, 'there is something about you...I can't really say.'

At that moment he fell silent as I took a step closer to him. He kissed me again, this time with a soft and very gentle kiss. My heart was beating fast again and my head was still in turmoil but it was good pressing my tiny person against him and receiving that lovely caring kiss.

We walked back to the park and this time H. held my hand and K. and J. understood that something very special had happened in the ruins. At least they thought they understood what. To some extent they had but I can't imagine they knew what had come before the kisses.

I was happy sitting by his side on the train on our way back to town. Although my bottom was smarting it was the happiest moment of my life.

We stayed together for some time, H. and I, but later it came to an end as we both left university and although that was sad he is still a lovely memory, a memory I keep close to my heart.

He was no tyrant or even a dominant man. He was confident, that was true but he was gentle rather than brutal and kind rather than demanding. Still he spanked me from time to time. I didn't particularly enjoy the pain but the sensation of his strength, my helplessness and the excitement that came with it made those occasions something to cherish. He spanked me because he enjoyed it and and that was the only reason for him to do it. That was the only reason I needed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Janice,

I think that you are good into writing novels like that one too!

Very enjoyable...I felt very good while reading it. Sometimes happens to me too, looking a nice pic or draw about spanking and from that immediately feel like a "rush"...streaming of fantasies.

Keep on please!


peterrabbit99 said...

I have just been reading your stories which I find exciting and enjoyable

Janice said...

Thank you Peter Rabbit. It makes it meaningful to write when I get comments like that.
Lovely name, by the way.

And thanks to you too, GIO!


Dove said...

Beautifully written Janice. Stories do allow you to explore more.