Thursday, 11 January 2007

Ziggy Stardust

I am back after a nice and long holiday. I was wondering what to put in my blog as the first entry of this year. Fantasies are not just about whippings, chains and nudity (although they mostly are...). Sometimes there are other themes as well (of course). This time I wanted to write about Ziggy Stardust, not David Bowie but Ziggy himself.

There is something immensely attractive about Ziggy Stardust. He is a man, a rocker, there is no doubt about that. But at the same time he is a man with earrings and make up and sometimes very girly clothes. Most people would, probably, say that he is very gay and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but for some strange reason that label seems wrong to me. He is neither man nor woman, he is Ziggy. He is androgynous rather than anything else.

I am not the first one to address this issue and there has been a lot of writing about it and this will not add anything substantial. So what is the fantasy?

He is very ambiguous for me. On the one hand, he is very attractive, as a man, as a performer, as a space alien. On the other, I would like to be him. If I ever dreamed about being a rock star it would be Ziggy I would like to be. Not for his appeal to men but for his appeal to women. I would like that, standing on the stage, singing, performing and having loads of teenage girls screaming in the audience.

Enough of this rant. It is good to be back writing my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Janice,

he's a singer which gave to us some wonderful "life on Mars", "ashes to ashes", "let's dance"...just to name 3 of them.

I do like him..