Monday, 13 October 2008

Back to Basics

That is what I want with this blog, to return to what it is about. This blog is about fantasies and mostly about my fantasies. I like it to be a meeting place for people with minds full of exciting fantasies but I started it and I will write about my fantasies. There is no contradiction in this.

I was thinking about my fantasies and especially settings. I am a little inspired by a blog entry at Wystan's blog, where he wrote about his favourite settings.

I too have favourite settings although they are not as important to me as they once were. I thought that I would just mention some of them and how they fit in, in the overall chaos of my fantasy life.

There seems always to be a mansion, a manor house or something of the kind. This is a place for well mannered and self indulgent older men with a rich social life. I often enter these scenes as a woman, considerably younger than this man, who sees him as someone worthy of bowing too. I am not always sure how I ended up in his house but I am always in awe of his power.

The action in those scenes often takes place in the library. I do love libraries. There is elegance and style in the setting and this room is always a lovely room. There are velvet hangings and dark colours overall. There is always a nice Persian rug and a fireplace with a nice fire burning.

In this setting the lord of the manor decides to show off his power over me and this always means kneeling, baring the body and some serious whipping with a horsewhip or something similar. This is not the place for a cosy smacking of bottom in the lap of an understanding and loving man. No this is the place for some rather harsh treatment.

There is always a kind of ritual that includes undressing in stages, preparing the scene and the fetching of instrument used for whipping. It is all formal, all held back and there is often an audience, elegantly dressed and fascinated but polite.

All what happens within you, when you go through this ritual, is hidden or almost hidden. There is the baring of the body, allowing the onlookers to see all your reactions. The slightest movement in the body is there to be seen.

There is a certain cruelty present, in that your Master, the lord of the manor, explains why and how you are going to be punished and that he is very clear about how to maximise your suffering, talking about how the baring of your body is to make you feel humiliated and make the whip bite harder. He may even whip a cushion in front of your eyes to make you think about how it will be when your naked skin is the target.

There is no calling names, no 'young lady, you have been naughty' or that sort of thing. No it is all very calm and collected and although you have to strip naked and kneel to be whipped there is a certain kind of dignity to it.

There is the dreaded arousal, of course, the one you don't want, the one you don't need. And since you are naked it will all show. They will know. They will not comment but they will know.

Afterwards no one abuses you but they are all very happy having witnessed your whipping and they want to look at your body and are quite pleased to see the marks. They may congratulate your Master for a well performed whipping. There is no hostility towards you but there is neither any sympathy.

Oh, I get carried away. Maybe I will do this into a series of entries.

There is another location at the manor that is of interest. It is the stable. Your lord and master may have ordered you to go to the rough men in the stable to receive a punishment.

You do feel very small and very humiliated having to endure such a disgrace. Those men are rough and only too eager to humiliate you. They know exactly what to do and there are no rituals here. No, you have to strip off at their command and hurry with it. You may be tied to pillar or maybe lean over some bales or crates. And the whipping will be severe.

They will not spare you. They are brutes and they know how to use a whip. These men may take the opportunity to fondle you and grope you a little so you have to endure their rough hands on your exposed body. They won't have you, the Master won't allow it but they may touch and they may talk about you.

This is just a start. There are more scenes. This is the problem with me, I get carried away.


Paul said...

Janice dear girl, please do continue to be carried away, as long as you do it here.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice,

Such an honor to have inspired such a fetching post -- one set in the "manor" -- my eponymic domain, though, I hasten to add, this is doubtless a coincidence.

The demonstration on a cushion is a vivid touch. No doubt he cuts the air with the whip a few times -- the whushing sound is compelling... You tremble and wince at the terrible sound, but your clear eyes remain open...

Key for me, however -- and so very characteristic of you -- is the word dignity. Even stripped, even howling, even palpably (!) aroused by her suffering (and yes, the indignity of it all), the Janice of your fantasy (and of mine...) always retains her integrity, her dignity.

More, please!


Wystan Ephraim

Janice said...

Dear Paul, thank you, I will, I promise.

Dear Wystan, you are an inspiration, no doubt about that but this setting has been with me for a very long time. Thank you for your words on dignity.



Mina said...

It never fails to amaze me how universal these settings are. I have read many stories by various authors with similar settings. Of course the stories themselves are always unique so it isn't like reading the same thing but just that there seem to be things that draw so many of us.

One of my favourites is also the manor setting but I do find that I get more caught up in the people, their relationships and experiences, desires etc than the actual setting. It is perhaps why I feel I often come back to similar themes in my stories but not always similar settings.

The manor, the desert, the bazaar; but I think maybe it is the type of men in these settings, dominant, powerful, confident that makes the scene so vivid.


Janice said...

Dear Mina, I think you are on to something there. I also prefer the relationships and emotions but settings are important too.