Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Remote control

I am taking a course in Creative Writing at Open University. One of the things we are told to practice is freewriting. You can do it in different ways but the basic idea is to take a word or a phrase and set aside ten minutes or so and then write freely about that.

I did this just now. I saw a remote control lying beside me so I decided to write about that. This is what came out. It took me some eleven minutes to write this and I have changed very little in it.

And I won't show my fellow students this freewrite. I am a bit too embarrassed to do that.

He equipped me with the device this morning. He was quite insistent. I was embarrassed. I usually am when he gets his ideas.

He put it on me himself. I must admit that I didn't mind the touch although the device was rather cold. It slipped in without problems though. His hands were hot and I wanted them to stay.

He even pulled my knickers up and then he said goodbye. He kept the remote control. He explained to me that it was controlled through the mobile phone net or something. This meant he could control it from wherever he was. No need to be close by.

I don't know if that was to reassure me or scare me.

I looked quite smart as I went to work. It was a tad awkward with the device but it wasn't too big or too uncomfortable. It was just a dead thing, nothing more.

At my desk, at 9.17 he gave a buzz and I jumped. He phoned and asked if it worked. I could assure him, it did. He asked me when my big meeting was. I was reluctant to tell him but he insisted.

Ten minutes before the meeting there was a new buzz and I told myself that I couldn't jump like that during the meeting. That would look strange.

He kept quiet the first twenty minutes, making me relax. He is an evil man. Then when I almost had forgotten it started again. I drew my breath and one or two colleagues looked at me but I pretended to cough.

Then he kept it active. That was not as startling but it was quite hard to endure. It made my mind wander from statistics and pie charts.

I don't know if it was the environment, the anxiety or the fear of being affected that made it so hard to resist. I am glad I resisted. I so wonder what my colleagues would say if I hadn't.


Paul said...

Janice, we can always improve, hopefully the Open Universay can help.
This subject makes me wish that radio controlled viberators where around when when my Mel was alive, I can imagine situations----!!!
Nice little scene, thanks.
I still prefer your own strange imagination, how would you describe being forced to have massive orgasms in the boardroom, I'm sure that you could do justice to that theme.
Warm hugs,

jim said...

Nice writing, Miranda. However, I prefer traditional methods of control e.g. taking down knickers and thrusting my DNA, with great speed and force, into my "victim"---it's called fucking.

If she wants to, I'm happy to send her off to work with my DNA inside her, combining with hers, for the next 9 months--it's called pregnacy.

When knickers come down, of course, it's not always for purposes of fucking and pregnancy. Often (with me) it's to slap her arse with a slipper, until she feels hot and peppered---it's called being spanked. (love that word!)

Anonymous said...

I, for one, appreciate the subtlety here. The atmosphere is just right: matter of fact and yet tense -- I prefer your leaving things unresolved (for now). Not all stories need a big booming climax.

Though it is surely none of my business, I find Jim's clumsy attempts at humor (above) to be merely boorish.



jim said...

For my part, I find Wystan's clumsy attempt at minding his own business (above) to be an utter failure. Have some restraint man!

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I think you are right, we can always improve what we do, if that is needed. The idea with this was that it should all be toned down (no pun intended) and no naughty words and that it would be about the things around and not the kink itself. And I am not sure I understand the remark about Strange Imagination. It is all my imagination. The only thing I got was the idea of freewriting.

Dear Jim, you are a naughty person. I am glad I set your imagination in motion, though. That is what it is all about.

Dear Wystan, I thought that this kind of story would appeal to you. You like the subtleties yourself.

Oh, an argument. Gentlemen, I do like to stir up emotions but don't be angry with each other. There is no need for that.



jim said...

I can do subtle, but can Wystan do naughty?

Mina said...

Dear Janice

I did enjoy this story and it doesn't take much to get the imagination fired up and as we know even simple objects can have delightful or sinister uses.

I have taken up this idea of quick free writing myself as I mentioned to you. Since I haven't written much in a while I thought it good to get back into regular practice.

Well done and thanks.


Ollie said...

That was a nice little one Janice, and it was well done indeed if it wasn't edited.

Now I did hear once of a gynacological surgeon who found that the women he operated on showed the symptoms of orgasm even though anaethetised when he touched a particular place somewhere in their innards.

The possibility was discussed of some kind of remote controlled stimulator being implanted there to have just the effect you describe.

What fun. - Depending on who was holding the remote of course.

Eddie said...

I give up... who is "Miranda"? And I want to thank Jim for graphically defining words and phrases that most of us are already very familiar with and have probably,at some point, already used in actual conversation. I can't help but think, though, that most folks would rather you keep your DeoxyriboNucleic Acid to yourself.

Janice, I love your "Imagination". Let it never fade.

Cheers from the Sunshine State...

Janice said...

Dear Jim, Please!

Dear Mina, it is strange where your mind takes you when you are in a kinky mood...smiles.

Dear Ollie, I did imagine the arrangement to be of a simpler kind but who knows...chuckles. It was, indeed, almost unedited. I say almost because I did change a comma or two and I think I changed an article or something like that.

Dear Eddie, thanks for the comments. I think it, actually should be genes.



Anonymous said...

Janice, semanticist that you are, you surprised me by describing Jim as "naughty." But I, too, erred in calling him a boor, and I apologize. The more accurate term is "clod."

I wonder what he meant by "DNA." One cannot "thrust" one's DNA molecules (Eddie's charitable interpretation). Clearly, something more "subtle" was intended.

Hmmm... DNA...
Dick Not Active?
Dinky Nut Appurtenance?
Dubious Neuter Apparatus?
Desperately Needing Attention?

I do take him at his work that the "DNA thrusting" mission is accomplished speedily.

In any event, dear J, aren't you being a tad disingenuous in bemoaning the "argument"? There's nothing I like better than a hissy cat fight in response to my blog. I would call this a dog fight, but I fear that our Jim is more of a cur...


Wystan Ephraim

jim said...

Science not your strongest subject, eh, Wystan:

' Thrust is a reaction force described quantitatively by Newton's Second and Third Laws. When a system expels or accelerates mass in one direction '(wiki)

Perhaps you've been going wrong somewhere, eh? Sucking instead of thrusting, perhaps?

Anyroad, I'm happy to accept the title 'cur'. Curs are: faithful, obedient, and brave.

But don't fret--pussies are lovable too.

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt to back-fill (which, I suspect, is your own strong suit.)

Consider this sentence:

"Jim thrust his DNA into..." [fill in the blank -- doubtless another strong suit of yours.]

Verdict: clumsy gibberish. A solecism. Or (charitably) a parody of the cracked usage of the "wild & crazy guys" from SNL, or the interpreter in Everything Is Illuminated.

I do like the telling reference to Wiki, the illiterates' authority. And at least we agree about what you are.



Janice said...

Please, gentlemen, please, stop it now! I know you disagree and there is nothing wrong with that but please, don't fight and hurt each other. It isn't worth it, a blog post isn't worth it.



Soul Connected said...

The atmosphere is just right indeed. I get the strangest sensations, he hit me right between the eyes. Remote connection, and it feels like real. He has a mind, thoughts, feelings so deep, why i was so scared of this.? Probabely was reasoning too much about it.
In this situation no logics or moralistic thoughts can help, only trust. I had too much prejudice, this seems a good experiment. It took too long to understand. Now it is clear. Feels so strange this imagination, but so well without fear.