Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sweet Spanking

I will not use my blog to whine about how horrible things are. I will just tell you that I have been moving flat and I hate it and our home is in chaos and it will take about a week to get broadband up and running. With some luck I will be able to blog and communicate next weekend again.

I am in two minds about the snippet of a story I post today. The idea was to paint a picture about a relationship that is really sweet and tender but still contain dominance and submission and some smacking of bottoms. My hesitation comes from the lack of drama if both parts are really happy about what happens. Stories without drama are generally boring. So think not of this as a story but a picture. There is more about this relationship but I will post it only if I think it works.

It was a blessing waking up with Isobel. I lay on my side of the bed and looked at her. She had propped herself up on her pillows and she was having her cup of tea. The morning light was bright and it made her dark hair shine.

She was beautiful, my Isobel. I lay there looking at her, my eyes caressed her face, her sweet nose, her sharp lips and her pointy chin. Her eyes looked dark from this angle but I knew they would be green and sparkling if she would turn them to me.

My eyes followed her shoulders, naked above the duvet. The rest of her body disappeared under the cover.

I reached out a hand underneath the fabric of her blanket and found her hip. I let my hand climb her and gently touch her belly. I felt a sudden urge to touch her breasts. I let my hand travel upwards and soon I felt the soft skin of her bosom.

I let my hand climb her lovely round breast and soon it made contact with her hard nipple.
'Good morning,' she said.
'Good morning, sweet Isobel.'
'So you are awake now,' she said.
'Have you been awake for long?'
'Yes, and I want my breakfast.'
'You will have to wait, I am not awake.'
'I can wake you up,' she said.
'Don't do that,' I sighed, 'and besides, you have got your tea.'
'The teasmade is too small. I have had your cup too.'
'That's ok.'

Isobel scrambled out of bed and I looked at her and smiled. I stole a glance at her naked body before she covered it in her nightgown. It was a very nice nightgown, silk and with dragons on.

We had breakfast in bed. Isobel had brought more tea and soon I was having my long longed for cup, propped up on my pillows. Isobel sat at my side, still dressed in her gown. She was having some toast with marmalade.

I was done with my first cup and reached for the toast when Isobel looked at me. I stopped and wondered what was in her mind. She smiled and reached out her hand and pulled down the duvet from my body.
'Don't cover up,' she said.
'I am naked,' I said.'
'I know.'

I had my toast and Isobel was picking crumbs from my breast.
'Juliet, what do you want to do today?'
'I don't know,' I said, 'what do you do on a Sunday? Being lazy?'
'You have nothing planned?'
'No, I haven't. Why?'
'I wanted to be with you, that's all.'
'I want to be with you, Isobel,' I said.

I was a little concerned with what she said, sensing that she had something in mind for the day.
'Isobel,' I continued, 'you are thinking of something.'
'Yes, I am,' she said, 'I was thinking of your discipline.'
'Oh,' I said.
I was a little surprised. I shouldn't have been really, this subject was seldom far from our minds. But somehow I had imagined her to plan something different.
'I was thinking that we could go through with your punishment today.'
I nodded.
'What do you think of that?'

I looked at her for a while. This was one of those moments when I really wanted to know what to say. So many thoughts tumbled around my head and I didn't really know what I was thinking.
'Isobel, I think you should decide that,' I said.
'Yes, but do you want it?'
'No, I don't want it.'
'Do you think that I should?'
'Please, Isobel, don't make me have an opinion about that!'

She knew I was right. She wasn't undecided. I knew her all too well for that. She was concerned about me and she couldn't hide it. She wanted to know my opinion. I didn't want to have one.
'Juliet,' she said, 'I have decided to give you your punishment today.'
I nodded.
'Can we do it soon?' I said.
'Are you worried about it?'
'Yes,' I said.

She looked at me.
'I can understand that.'
'Isobel, the cane really scares me.'
'I know, my love, I know. It will be alright.'
'But it will hurt.'
'Yes, my love, it will.'
She reached out her arms and I leaned my head against her shoulder.

'But it is what you want, Juliet.'
'I am still scared.'
'I know you are scared, dear, I know you are, but you will be alright.'

I had forgotten about the breakfast now. All I could think of was that dreaded cane.
'We can do it now, immediately, if you want?' she said.
'Yes, now, if you want to get it over with. Would you want that?'
'Yes, I think so.'

Isobel looked at me and I turned my face to her. She looked proud.
'Juliet, I want you to go to the loo and then you will go and get the cane. You know where it is. Then you wait for me in the living room.'
I nodded. I felt how my heart started beating hard.

'Don't dress, you can do that later!' she said as I slipped from the bed.

I needed to go to the loo but it wasn't easy to relax. I was glad it was to be done now so I didn't have to wait for it but I was still scared.

When I finally was done, I went to the cupboard and got the cane. It was hanging on a hook. It had a handle with a leather loop at the end. I took it from its hook and held it in my hand. It was a sturdy thing, lean and supple and quite thick.

I took it to the living room and put it on the small table. Isobel wanted to have her tools on that table. I thought I shouldn't sit down so I stood on the floor as I called for Isobel and told her I was ready.

Isobel came into the living room, looked at me and then walked over to the armchair and sat down. She was now wearing a dress with wide skirt. It was sleeveless but had a quite conservative high neck. It was white with a pretty patterns of brightly coloured flowers. It matched her auburn hair.

She looked at me and I felt ever so naked standing there. I had been naked in bed with Isobel, just some minutes ago, but standing there in the living room, with the nicely clad Isobel in an armchair looking at me was different.

'Juliet, I know you don't like the idea of being caned, but you know why it will happen, don't you?'
'Yes, I know.'
'Tell me why you are being caned!'
'It is a punishment.'
'Why are you being punished?'
'I was sloppy with times, the other day.'
'Yes, you were. I know, Juliet, that you couldn't help it. But that is besides the point. I had told you to be home at five and you were late. Isn't that so?'
'Yes, I was late.'
'I know how you fear the cane but it is appropriate as a punishment. I will not be too harsh with you. I will give you six.'

I really didn't know how harsh that was. I had never received the cane. I didn't know how much it hurt. I had seen it, held it in my hand and I imagined it to be merciless. I shivered.

'Will you please lie down over the armrest so we can begin?'
I nodded. This was it, now I would get to know the cane.

I turned to the sofa and leaned over it. I had done this before so I knew how to drape my body over the armrest. It was quite uncomfortable to lie on it but I had found that it was bearable if I leaned my arms on the sofa and stretched my legs so not all of my body weight came on my lower belly against the armrest.

'Juliet, I will not give you six whacks with the cane. Take your time and let me know when you are ready. Relax, you will be alright.'
'Isobel, I am scared.'
'Of course you are, my love.'

I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I couldn't but I felt I didn't want to wait any longer.
'I am ready.'
'Alright,' Isobel said, 'this will hurt.'

She placed the cane against my bottom and I felt my body tremble. This was it, now I was to know.

A strange surreal sensation flashed through my mind as she lifted the cane. I knew I was to be hit but I didn't want to think about it.

I heard a short swishing sound and then a sharp report as the cane hit my tender skin. My body tensed and I jumped. I was taken by surprise by the sudden and intense pain.

She had hit me quite high on my bottom and I felt as if a hot iron was pressed against my skin. I was panting and quite overwhelmed by the impact.

I jumped again as Isobel placed the cane against my skin. I knew she was preparing for the next whack.

As she hit me again I felt the pain surge through me. It seemed to explode in me and I was panting and my body was trembling.

'Isobel, it hurts, I am not sure...I don't know if I can take more.'
'Juliet, there are four more to come, take a deep breath!'

I calmed down and I took a deep breath but I felt the panic rise as she placed the cane, once more across my buttocks.

The third blow hit me low, on the sweet spot. I jumped and then squirmed. I heard myself whimper. The pain was different this time. It was less pronounced but seemed to affect me deeper. It seemed to move something within me. The hit on that part of my buttocks seemed to touch my soul and I felt a certain warmth in my body.

I couldn't believe this. My body reacted to the caning. The pain stirred up something within me that I didn't expect. I had felt it before but it had always been in other contexts. This time I thought only of pain and agony, so I didn't expect it.

I always felt a thrill when I bowed my will to Isobel's. I knew that and had been ashamed of it. But when I had admitted it, I had found the power in it. It was the arousal of submitting to someone you love. There was something of that I felt now.

The fourth blow hit higher and I jumped. I felt tears in my eyes as I felt my heart beat faster. It was soon to be over.

'Juliet, brace yourself. I will give you one on your thighs now.'
I whimpered as I felt the cane on my thighs, just below my buttocks.

She hit me a tad lower and I had to cry out from the unexpected and searing pain. The thighs were worse than the bottom. Or at least different.

Only one to go. I was trembling.

The last whack hit me on my sweet spot again and I lay panting as she was done. I felt a tremendous relief because it was over, for this time at least.

Taking a caning was hard. It was hard to submit to Isobel when she punished me but giving myself to her when it was over, was easy.

In a way it was a struggle to let her punish me, but on the other hand letting her do it helped me accept her authority.

I didn't like the caning. I feared it. I didn't want Isobel to whip me but I wanted her to have that right. And letting her have that right meant that she would use it from time to time. I wanted that.

'You may rise.'
I scrambled to my feet. Isobel held out her arms and I hugged her. I whimpered still as she held me in her arms.
'You did well, Juliet, you were very brave. You took your punishment and all is forgotten.'

I replaced the horrible cane and we both went to the bathroom. I was terrified to see the welts on my bottom. They were red and seemed swollen and looked horrible. Isobel put some lotion on them and when I moaned at the touch she looked a little taken aback.

We laughed at the sight of my bottom and the tension vanished. I had tears in my eyes but now I was smiling. Isobel smiled and she hugged me again as I cried.

I felt a warmth in my body and being held by Isobel was a blessing. I felt a kind of elation and joy filling me. This always surprised me. I imagined I would resent the one disciplining me but instead I loved her.
'I love you, Isobel.'
'I love you too, my Juliet, very much.'


Meta said...

I disagree with you that this story (or picture) has no tension and is boring. Quite the opposite, actually. Though there's no struggle between Juliet and Isobel, there's certainly a tension between Juliet and the cane. It also includes a lot of paradoxes - the emotions that the caning brings up, the love Juliet feels towards Isobel even though she's the one that inflicted the pain. I also enjoyed the sharp contrast between the sweetness of their relationship and the pain from the punishment.

Janice said...

Dear Meta,

Thank you for your words. I may be a little too concerned that my writing must work like stories. I guess it is ok to just paint pictures. I agree that there is tension but it is not dramatic. I am chuffed you still liked it. By the way, I have added a link to your blog.



Paul said...

Janice I liked this, I don't usually like F/f stories.
The love between the two and Juliet's acceptance of the punishment she both feared and desired made the story.
Warm hugs,

Mina said...

A perfect title dear Janice, sweet indeed.

I think the cane would be scary, it certainly looks scary.

Their love made all the differencce, there must be some caring to do this with anyone I think.


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyable. How I love these domestic scenes. Like a page from my own life...

Or not.

But I do love the repeated exchange -- "The cane will hurt."
-- "Yes, but you will be alright..."

There is a deep truth here.

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I am glad that you liked it, despite it being a theme you don't really fancy. It means a lot.

Dear Mina, I do think a lot about that nowadays, that there should be love and trust in this kind of thing. Just afraid I may get too soppy...chuckles.

Dear Anonymous, your comment is a tad cryptic, but that is ok...smiles. I am glad you think it rings true.



Ollie said...

I agree with meta, the drama is created by the battle with the cane and the idea of the cane, not between the protagonists.

I particularly liked

"It seemed to move something within me. The hit on that part of my buttocks seemed to touch my soul and I felt a certain warmth in my body"

Thanks for this piece.

Janice said...

Dear Ollie,

Thanks for those words. In my more confident moments I agree with you and Meta, that there is drama within such a sweet picture too. But thanks for reminding me.