Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sweet Spanking, part 2

Thanks to the kind people at BT I now have a working connection to the Web. It means I am back. I do really hate moving flat but now it is done and I can start getting back to normal.

I will publish here the second part of the story of the relationship between Isobel and Juliet. It is still called Sweet Spanking but it is not so much spankings in this part but there is some nudity so perhaps there is something of interest.

'Don't dress!' she said as I went into the bedroom.
'I want you to be naked,' she continued.
'Why?' I said.
'I just want it.' She smiled. 'I think you are pretty to look at, my dear.'
'I feel embarrassed.'
'I know,' she said, 'I know and I think that is good. I think it is good for you to be humbled a little.'

I went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. We always wanted more tea. It was a little odd to go about doing ordinary things while nude. It happened from time to time that I walked naked through the flat but this time it was different. It was ordered by Isobel and it meant something because of that.

My nudity wasn't just accidental, it was not just me walking from one room to the other not having dressed yet. No, I was ordered to be naked. It meant I had obeyed an order and it meant I was someone who obeyed orders.

It was Isobel, lovely Isobel, who had ordered me. I knew I could trust her, I loved her and she loved me. I was safe with her. Still it wasn't easy to give myself to her in this way.

When I came into the living room with the tea, Isobel was sitting in her armchair.
'Put the tea on the table, Juliet!'
I did as I was told. I liked when she told me what to do.
'Stand there!' she said and indicated a spot on the floor, in front of her chair.

I walked over to her and stood before her. I felt a little tense when I was beheld like that.
'You are a beauty, Juliet. I love your body.'
It was something terribly unequal in the whole situation. I didn't mind hearing her saying nice things about me and my body. I didn't believe her but it was still nice. But this was different. She was clad and I was naked and she looked at my body. I couldn't look at hers. She said something about my body while she was looking at me and in that moment we were not equals.

'Juliet, I want you to kneel before me,' she said.
I fell to my knees.
'Straighten your back! Sit upright.'
I did as I was told. I felt a strange combination of tension and a kind of joy of doing as I was told and, in that, pleasing Isobel.

'Juliet, I want you to do this as a kind of training, as a way for you to know that you are subject to discipline, my discipline.'
I felt a trembling in my body as I heard her talk of discipline. It was a sweet word on her lips and I was proud of being subject to her discipline. I felt proud of being hers.

'What do you feel when you kneel before me, naked, as you are now?'
'I feel,' I started, 'I feel, naked. I feel vulnerable.'
'Is that good or bad?'
'It could be bad. But with you it is good.'
She nodded at that and smiled.
'Do you feel anything else? Do you feel attractive?'
I immediately blushed.
'Yes,' I whispered, 'I feel attractive.'
'That is hard to admit, isn't it?'
'Yes, I don't think I am attractive.'
'But you are, sweet Juliet, you are.'
I shook my head.
'Sweetest, dearest, Juliet, you are the most beautiful girl I know. And I will make you understand that.'
I nodded.
'Juliet, do you feel sexy?'
'Mhm,' I mumbled.
'You are very sexy. And I wonder if that sense is just that you know you are sexy, sexy for me or if it means you are aroused too.'
I looked down.
'Are you aroused, if even just a little?' she continued.
'Yes, a little.'
'I will help you feel more sexy.'
I bit my lip.
'Arch your back, Juliet! Push your bosom out!'
I did as I was told. I felt awkward. The position was very provocative.
'You feel awkward?'
'Don't bother with that! Do as you're told and the emotions will follow. What do you feel?'
'Embarrassed about what?'
'Like I am presenting my body, my bosom.'
'But you are presenting your lovely breasts to me. They are lovely, I want to touch them.'
I blushed.

She didn't touch me.
'Your body is the sweetest thing and when you push your breasts forward like that you look stunning. The sweet roundness of your lovely bosom, your nipples erect, all that is a joy to behold.'
I shuddered a little.
'Juliet, I want you to do another thing for me.'
'I want you to spread your knees wide.'

I was suddenly overcome with embarrassment. It all felt silly and strange and I felt ugly.
'Do it now!'
I moved my knees apart.
'Juliet, that is nothing, wider.'
I opened my knees wider.
I gasped as I moved my knees further apart.
'Much, much wider!'
I blushed with embarrassment as I felt how I opened myself, my sex to her.

She wasn't satisfied until I sat with my knees spread widely apart. I felt like someone in a porn shot. I was really open, my legs angled outwards.

'How do you feel?'
'Really, really embarrassed.'
'Good. Tell me more what you are thinking!'
'I am open, I am really exposed. I am ashamed. You must be able to see...'
'To see what?'
'My sex,' I blurted out.
'Yes, I can see your lovely sex. It is quite open to me.'
'I am ashamed.'
'I know you are but you don't have to. This position makes you feel open. Right? And especially when you are naked.'
I lowered my gaze.
'Tell me more, how does it make you feel?'
'It makes me feel open and vulnerable, accessible.'
'Accessible,' she said, 'tell me more.'
'Like you could touch me any time and as if I couldn't do anything about it.'
'How does that make you feel?'
'I feel powerless, as if my body didn't belong to me.'
'Who would it belong to if it didn't belong to you?'
'It would belong to you, Isobel.'
'Is that a good or bad thing?'
'It is,' I said, hesitated, started again, 'it is a good thing.'
'Does it make you feel as if you give your body to me, like you surrender it to me?'
'Does it make you feel as if you submit to me?'
'Do you want to submit it me?'

We sat in silence. Isobel looked at me. I stole a glance at her but had to look down. I felt her to be all powerful at that moment.

'You didn't like being caned, did you?'
'No, it hurt.'
'It was supposed to hurt.'
'I know.'
'Was it quite unbearable?'
'Yes, quite,' I said.
'That is good.'
Her words struck me in the face and I felt, suddenly, very upset.
'Did you feel it was fair?'
'That is not easy to answer,' I said.
'Try to explain, then.'
'In a way it was unfair, I couldn't do anything about being late. On the other hand, you are right, I wasn't in time. In way I didn't deserve it and in another I did.'
'I think I understand.'
She looked at me.

'Does it make you upset that I said it was good that it was unbearable?'
'Yes,' I said and nodded and lowered my gaze.
'Why were you upset?'
'Because it hurt so much and you think it is good.'
'I can't really explain it myself,' she said.
I was surprised.

'I have been thinking, Juliet,' she continued, 'you were dead scared of the cane, you knew I was going to hit you with it. You knew it was going to hurt and you wasn't even sure it was fair. Still you did it. Still you got the cane, you lay down on the armrest and took all the six strokes without a word of protest. I saw no resentment afterwards and no anger with me. It makes me immensely proud of you. You subject yourself to all that just because I tell you to and you don't even think it is quite fair.'
'It was what I wanted.'
'But you didn't want to be caned.'
'But you wanted to cane me.'
'So you let me.'
'Was it what you wanted?'
'To submit to my will?'

Isobel looked at me.
'I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you, Juliet.'
'I am the luckiest woman in the world,' I said.


Paul said...

Janice, this is lovely, you bring out the joy of submission better here than if the Dominant were a man.
The sexual element is here, but this sketch shows just how much more is involved.
Very well done Janice love it.
Warm hugs,

Ollie said...

Lovely pictures Janice, both the one at the top and the one made with words.

Mina said...

Dear Janice
This is a lovely exchange and I enjoyed the dialogue very much. I liked how Isobel took control and got Juliet to really say how she felt and that we saw how difficult it all was for Juliet. There was so much love and tenderness through it all as well.

Sweet indeed.


Meta said...

I love the way you capture so many real emotions in your stories. It's very interesting to me to see a lot of the things I feel expressed in fiction, particularly the idea of wanting to be used in a way my Master/Isobel wants to use me/Juliet, even if that's not what I/she would otherwise want.

Anonymous said...

I was going to add my two bits, but your commentators beat me to it. I especially agree with Ollie -- I don't suppose, by chance, the model is ... Naw, couldn't be...


Wystan E

Janice said...

Dear Paul, thank you, I am glad that you like it. I loved writing it and it is true that it is not really about the spanking. This is really about surrendering to love.

Dear Ollie, that is some praise. I am glad you like the picture, I love it too.

Dear Mina, dialogues can be a good way of bringing characters to life and I am glad if I succeeded. It is a little hard for Juliet but Isobel knows she wants it, deep in her heart.

Dear Meta, that is really fantastic to hear, that I manage to capture real emotions. For me, this is a lot about wanting to be there for the other, to be 'used' or whatever to call it.

Dear Wystan, no it is not Juliet...giggles. Thanks for your comment.