Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Scenes and Settings, part 2

Before I go into that I will have to tell you that I am moving flat and since moving a landline with associated broadband connection is something immensely complicated in UK I will be cut off from the Web for some time. How long I don't know.

Anyway, this is part 2 and part 1 was the post before this; Back to Basics. Anyway, I am going to be a little predictable and tell you about another favourite setting for fantasies and naughty thoughts. The one I am going to talk about is the slave market.

I know, you have all been there, either as onlookers, buyers or merchandise. My slave market is almost always set in a very hot country, vaguely Middle Eastern. There is a desert and a town with a bazaar and all that.

To this town I arrive in the company of some man (or men) in a burnous. All the details are not set but I may be wearing something similar or perhaps just a cloak swept around me. I walk on bare feet. That is one of those things that work in fantasies but is not so nice in the real world. Sand can be very hot. I have an iron collar around my neck. Of course, I am the merchandise.

It is a chilly morning but I know it will be a hot day. If you have ever been to a Mediterranean country you know what I am talking about. There is a certain smell in the air. You know it is going to be immensely hot but it is still a bit cold.

We are early and the square where the market is being held is almost empty. Not only slaves are sold here. Some early risers set up shop, some spread their wares on rugs on the ground while others have tables. The man and I are walking towards the part where slaves are displayed. Along one side of the square a set of sturdy poles are set in the ground. There you can bind your slave and display her to prospective buyers.

When we arrive I have to take the cloak off and, of course, I am naked underneath it. I shiver in the chilly morning but the man takes no notice. He doesn't have to tie me to the pole. Instead I have to stand beside it and display myself for the buyers.

The day becomes hotter and the square fills up with people. The market is underway. There is a lot of posing and having to stand in certain ways and even kneeling. And some of the buyers want to examine the merchandise. There is prodding and groping and squeezing and touching. Some of them can be quite intimate in their examinations.

There is a certain shame in that, being touched and groped by strangers who don't even have to buy you. I am only a naked slave and can do nothing but display myself.

Eventually someone comes along and buys me. But that is, really, another fantasy.

Then there is the classical slave auction. Here I find myself standing on a dais or similar and there is a many headed crowd of people in front of me, looking at me, bidding for me, or just looking. They are safe in the crowd, clad and free and can enjoy the spectacle. I am not. I am naked and exposed and seen by everyone.

But there is a certain pride in this, strangely enough. Of course I am very beautiful and of course the bids are high. I will sell for a high price. Not that it benefits me but I have the pride of being valuable.

This is part of the sense of being a slave and being sold, that you are not going to gain anything from it. Someone has taken you and will get the money. This is very unfair but such is life for a poor slave.


Paul said...

Janice dear girl, I spent nine years in Libya and Egypt.
I never actually saw a slave market, this was in the '50's, so it could have happened somewhere.
Given my proclivities this was often my fantasy, but as the owner or purchaser, strangely, rarely the seller.
As usual your "strang imagination," works for me.
I hope that your move goes well.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Paul's comment about the perspective of the seller is interesting. Paul, with your (tacit) permission, I'll write a story through his eyes, using J's scenario as the outline.

Janice, as always, you are candid and your descriptions vivid.

Fetching a high price is more than unfair -- it is perilous for the lady, as she will have to prove her worth, earn her value. Especially as such purchases are apt to be impulse buys...

Wystan E

Ollie said...

The nice thing about your favorite fantasies is that they have shelf life, and you can return to them often to squeeze a little from them.

I have my own to which I return, and they don't seem to tire.

It will be interesting to see Wystan's perspective if he agrees to post it.

EddieBGoode said...

Janice, these are the settings that create a fine stage to share with us your addictive "Imagination". Perfect in almost every way.

Your "manor" setting is blessedly in theme with the "Story of O" environs which none of us can ever get enough of. Funny thing about that book.... it was recommended to me by a female literary professor I had at university in an out-of-classroom meeting we had. I, of course, bought and read the book with great enthusiam but I was so freakin' naive at the time, I never gave a moment's thought to what this woman might really be hinting at!! Talk about a missed opportunity of a lifetime!! Why else would she have recommended "O"??

Anyway, you will be pleased to know that if you Google "public whippings women", your blog shows up as the very first link!! You have arrived!!!

Love luv.........

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, I have posted a story, based on Paul's comment,on my site. You should be able to link through Janice (Wystan E). Thanks Paul, and Ollie, and of course Janice (we miss you).


Mina said...

I always want to save the slave girls in the market. I wonder how they got there, what did they do? were they stolen?

It is another setting I have read of in so many stories and again often used in such different ways as to always make it interesting.


Janice said...

Dear Paul, I have spent four weeks in Egypt and I didn't see any slave markets either...giggles. But I guess you are right, that there could have been some of that, going on behind the scenes. Move went well...sort of, thanks for asking.

Dear Wystan, I have read your blog and I find it interesting. And equally interesting was your comment about the perils of fetching a high price. I always thought you would want to be valuable but now I have to think about it.

Dear Ollie, it is strange how we return to our favourite settings, scenes and events. But I guess they are favourites because they contain something that interests us.

Dear Eddie, thank you for the comment. I do find your story interesting. Maybe there is scope for something there.

Dear Mina, I know what you mean. But when you are in the right mood you want to be sold rather than rescued...smiles. And of course they have been stolen...or maybe they are there by free will, who knows